About us

We are a team of qualified lawyers specializing mainly in judicial and extra-judicial dispute resolution. Since its foundation in 2011, our company has been involved in the most complex and complicated court cases, as well as in legal support of large amount projects.
Our competence is confirmed by numerous feedback of clients who are market leaders. We are particularly proud of the results of our work: during all time no client of the company has been brought to trial, more than half of all civil cases have been ended by signing of settlement agreements on favorable terms for the client; 90% of the cases reviewed by the courts or arbitrations have been resolved in full or in part to satisfy the claims of our clients; No customer was left unsatisfied with the quality of our services; The vast majority of the cases where we represented the victims in criminal cases were referred to the court with subsequent convictions.
Shall you make a decision to address our firm, you can be assured of the highest quality of services, attention to detail and individual approach to your case.